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Living Yoga offers a mix of yoga principles, workshops and private sessions to Aurora, Naperville and surrounding communities. We encourage all who enter our space to explore the various disciplines of yoga, along with other healing modalities. Classes range in levels and styles from beginners to intermediate, vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga.

This introductory 6-week beginners series is perfect if you are new to yoga, want to deepen your beginner practice, or for those returning to the mat with a need to refresh on the fundamentals.
Each session will include a concentrated theme, lecture and a physical practice. Students will learn basic poses, safe alignment, breathing techniques, and more.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. When energy is low, stress and dis-ease can settle into the body. Reiki is Universal life force energy that goes where it is needed most within your body to help provide balance to the whole person (body, mind, spirit) and the chakra energy centers. Restorative yoga allows the body to relax and let go into poses while props, such as bolsters and blankets, help provide support. Each pose is held for approximately 5-7 minutes to encourage deep rest.

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From my first class, I felt so comfortable at Living Yoga. I started attending classes on a regular basis and now it is a huge part of my life.

When I find myself stressed and out of whack, Yoga is the first thing I turn to in order to regain a sense of balance in my life.

It is amazing how good yoga makes me feel. It takes me to a state of relaxation that I do not get from regular exercise and it does so much more.


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  • For years I have struggled with stress both physically and mentally and I didn't like how I was feeling.  Last summer it was suggested that I take a look at yoga.  I had been hesitant to do yoga because I thought that I had to have incredible balance and flexibility (which I was sorely lacking!).  Mary Fischer has been the perfect teacher from me by making me feel comfortable.    She started off explaining that I was to challenge myself; I was not to compare myself to others.  I was in class for me and to look inward to get the strength needed to work at improving myself.  She guided me so that I was doing the poses correctly and to the best at my ability.  She takes the time to explain poses and each week she gets me to challenge myself even more.  Mary understands that everyone is at different points and gears her instruction to all those levels.  I have been taking yoga with Mary for five months and I am feeling so much better!

    Nancy Haley
  • Yoga was first suggested to me by my doctor to help with my stomach problems. I assumed yoga was just meditation, and not a strenuous workout. Therefore I didnt bother to try. Years later I was diagnosed with tennis elbow and my Orthopedic suggested yoga to build upper-body strength. I finally gave in and decided to try a class.

    My first time I was so lost. I had no idea what any of the poses were including Downward Dog. The instructors would tell you to close your eyes and listen to the cues. I would cheat and keep opening them to figure out what I should be doing. Living Yoga was a great place to start, because the teachers are constantly helping the newbies with the poses. Three years later, they are still checking that I am not only challenging my body but correctly doing the poses. The practice always changes so I never know what to expect and never get bored.

    The benefits from yoga are numerous. I have increased my flexibility. It is also a excellent way to tone muscles. There are many times I start the class with aches and pains and feel 100% better afterwards. I have increased my strength, which my tennis game has benefited. Not only do I see the physical changes but the emotional ones as well.

    I am so grateful to have given yoga a try and find the wonderful instructors at Living Yoga to have played a huge part. I am a better person both physically and emotionally.

    Lisa Tyson
  • I started practicing yoga years ago because of a back injury.

    The greatest benefit about yoga practice is that it helps me remain more flexible as I get older to counteract the stiffness from sitting all day long on the job.

    I really enjoy Living Yoga because of the great teachers that have enabled me to experiment with various yoga styles through the wide-range of class offerings. At other times, its been fun to try a non-traditional class like meditation or yoga with essential oils. Also, I have been taking private lessons with Claudine for a year. Shes great! She customizes a weekly practice for me that has helped fine tune my yoga practice to a new level.

    Vivian B.
  • Ive worked in a demanding, stressful environment throughout my working career and never made consistent exercise a priority. Over the years, my release was to chill out at various destination spas. I always took advantage of the yoga classes offered. However, I didnt quite fit in because I wasnt moving into the poses correctly nor was I experiencing the true benefit of yoga. After I had a milestone birthday, I decided to treat myself to weekly private yoga classes at Living Yoga. Its been over two years since Ive been practicing yoga and I can honestly say my life has changed dramatically.

    Claudine Beeson, my yoga instructor at Living Yoga, is truly gifted. She moves my body ever so slightly to get me in the right position for each pose and knows when Im ready to raise the bar for more difficult poses. Claudine customizes each session based on my individual needs and varies my routine so I dont get bored. Since I am competing with myself, I can move at my own pace. I now feel centered, grounded, more flexible, possess sharper concentration and enjoy a renewed sense of well being. I also attribute my yoga classes with helping me cope with the stroke my husband suffered last year. What began as an indulgence has turned into a necessity for living well. My only wish is that I had started practicing yoga 30 years ago!

    Selma Schohn, Retired Corporate Executive
  • I was originally introduced to the idea of Yoga through a couple of books I was reading at the time. I began to research more about the practice and quickly learned of the large quantity of health benefits associated with it, whether it was physically, mentally, or spiritually. My very first class was three years ago with Claudine at Living Yoga when it was located in Downtown Naperville. I quickly incorporated the studios classes into my weekly routine when I became aware of the incredible benefits I was receiving. I feel healthier and happier in my own body, my posture, flexibility, and mobility have greatly improved, and I have more control over breathing and relaxing my mind than I ever had before. In fact, Living Yoga has made such an impact on my life that it has inspired me to further my education by achieving a Yoga Teacher certification of my own. If you are looking to discover your inner self, increase your awareness, or even to greatly strengthen your core, Living Yoga is the place for you!

    Rachel N. Brown
  • I started taking yoga classes after a demo class that Mary gave for a Womens group at our church that we belonged to. I liked the demo and I think Mary was teaching an evening class at church about that time. It was about 10 years ago. I started going to her class at church, enjoying learning something new and learning to empty my mind and focus on breathing and what I was doing, not my "to do" list.

    After Mary had to leave the church location I took some classes at a local gym but came back to Marys class after she found a spot to teach. I like her class style of combining hatha and vinyasa yoga. Living yoga is a good fit, nice room and well equipped. Mary is my Yogi and I will follow her wherever she teaches.

    Caroline Etzkorn
  • I do yoga to increase my flexibility and strength.  I enjoy challenging my body. Mary F. is patient and has taken our class through a progression of beginning poses (explained thoroughly) to more advanced stages of those poses as well as longer holds.  We are now starting to flow from pose to pose, which is a nice new challenge.  Mary individualizes and modifies poses for each student so we all benefit from every class. Yoga helps keep my back and neck aligned so I have less pain.  It also makes daily movement feel more fluid and graceful.  My body is more in tune.

  • Yoga is an excellent physical arena to endorse more positive connections between body and spirit. Mary’s teaching style allows a calm atmosphere in which to feel ok where everyone may be in their own physical journey toward better strength and calm. Mary’s voice is soothing and her manner allows a student to set their intention and feel ok, headed toward a peaceful session. Yoga has helped me to gain strength, as well as, allowing me to feel comfortable with my own body and to appreciate other class members and their abilities.

    Joselle Ulin
  • I have been attending classes for the last few weeks. I am a physician with Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora and have been practicing yoga for a few years. I used the practice as an adjunct to my martial arts and weight training and only now see the true worth of yoga. With the death of my mother, life pulled me into a different direction of healing. I met Deepak Chopra during a conference in Chicago and after listening to him, felt my Dharma or purpose in life was to continue healing but adding a spiritual intention. Conventional insurance based medicine is grounded mostly on pharmaceutical and surgical intervention. Awesome at times, necessary in an emergency but the nutritional and spiritual aspects of healing are ignored. What I am learning now with the Chopra Center and Andrew Weil are ways to integrate ancient wisdom into contemporary healing.

    The reason I write to you is for praise. There are many yoga studios that are introducing the community to an hour of stretching or 90 minutes of intense heat and poses. I have friends that teach and own these places and all are excellent. Of all the places I have dropped in throughout, Living Yoga in Aurora IL has continued to teach what I consider the true healing art of yoga practice. In the ancient language of sanskrit, yoga comes from a root word meaning to "yolk", or bring together the elements of mind, body and spirit. The way the instructors at Living Yoga introduce not only the correct ways to allow ones body to perform a posture but the concept of "listening" to what your body says it needs or dislikes is amazing. The student will be taken through the same asanas that have been practiced for up to 5000 years and incorporate a message or a teaching to help with staying healthy even after the class is finished.

    The majority of visits to a doctors office are stress induced; poor immunity and infection, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, inflammation and weight gain. I can always write a prescription for the above diseases and with todays pharmaceutical industry, there will be a drug for every ailment. The problem is I would be bypassing the most effective healing available to mankind, ones own body. Even in the diagnosis of cancer there is use for mind, body and spiritual healing. In most families, there will be the miraculous story of one person who made a major lifestyle change and cured herself of the disesase of was able to get off his medicines. As a society, we have to create more of these successes. I have recommended many of the patients seen at the emergency room to add a visit to Living Yoga as part of their treatment. In this time of stress, weight gain and poor health I believe the teachers at Living Yoga in Aurora are the "cure" for what many are suffering from. I have personally felt healing with just my first class several weeks ago and have signed up for more learning. You have a very good "service" you are offering to the community, please continue on!

    Enrique Saguil, MD
  • A healthy mind and body have always been important goals for me. I have a well-educated mind and have been a runner off and on for many years. Breathing correctly when running has always been a significant challenge, however. One day I came to the realization I didnt breathe correctly or frequently during the day. Sometimes I found myself actually holding my breath. This was a rather scary thought. As a middle school teacher, wife, and mother, the day comes at me very quickly and I am a sponge for the issues, concerns, and problems of everyone in my life. The bottom lineI was not breathing. I needed to get in touch with something deeper inside that I had not taken much time to nurture in the past; my spirit. Yoga has allowed me to take time each week to clear my mind so I can nurture my spirit and breathe. It has given me tools I can utilize whenever life becomes overwhelming. Breathing is now an important daily goal for me. But there are other benefits. My posture is improving as is my strength, flexibility, and self-esteem. I feel well guided by the knowledgeable instructors at Living Yoga. I have been challenged and nurtured by these talented individuals all at the same time. At Living Yoga our instructors often thank us for taking the time for yoga practice. I always giggle to myself at these times because I see my yoga practice as a reward for the hard work of daily living.

    Donna Wetta
  • I like that it is fun!   And I like to learn new poses.  Sandra is a nice teacher.  I like her name!  I like that she is calm.  And the other kids listen well to what she says because it’s interesting. Yoga helps me with my gymnastics.

    Zack Age 6
  • I wanted to take a moment this morning (while enjoying my sore body) to send you an email letting you how much I enjoyed my first experience with Yoga at your studio. It was taxing, rewarding, and by far one of the most relaxing workouts I think I have ever had.

    I must say I had many preconceived ideas about yoga and the lack of benefits I could receive. Someone who was an avid runner, ironman, and 9 years in the Army special op, I am no longer able to workout in the traditional way due to a variety of unique injuries.

    Frank L.
  • I was suffering from the assortment of aches and pains that come with middle age! I was looking for alternatives to high-impact physical activities. Despite being Indian by birth, I had never tried yoga. The initial impetus came from my wife who felt that yoga would be able to provide the exercise-induced rush that I was craving, albeit in a form more suitable to my current physical state.

    My profession, as a teacher and a researcher, requires me to be aware of my mental abilities and limitations. Yoga provides a nice counterpoint by providing a glimpse of a more holistic integration of body and spirit. At the risk of sounding cliched, one might even say that yoga provides a new and effective tool to be calm and manage the demands and complexity of life. Let us put it this way --- now, my family makes sure that I practice yoga regularly.

    Claudine is a superb yogi. Arguably more importantly, she is excellent at imparting this knowledge to her students. Her pedagogical acumen, as reflected in her ability to deconstruct and simplify a pose or a routine, resonates with me as a teacher. Her unquestionable competence as a yogi is enhanced by her passion for her chosen profession. This wonderful combination permeates and enhances the Living Yoga studio experience. In these last 18 months, I have practiced with men and women, of varying levels of physical ability, yogic expertise, and age. What was common to this diverse group of students was that we all had a lot of fun.

    Radha J., Professor
  • I do Yoga because I like the sense of internal calm and quiet that comes from it.  I have attended Katie’s regular yoga classes and her Restorative Yoga.  While one is more physical than the other, Katie imbues both with the spiritual/meditative component that I find so peaceful and beneficial.  When I find myself stressed and out of whack, Yoga is the first thing I turn to in order to regain a sense of balance in my life.  I’ve found that Katie’s manner of being and way of teaching help me to improve my overall well-being.

  • Heres a letter from one of Claudines clients:

    Dear Claudine,

    Now that I have been your student for a few years, I would like to share with you how valuable yoga, as taught by you at Living Yoga, has become.

    I initially got into yoga rather begrudgingly, as a result of my wifes encouragement. I was in my mid-50s and very much the opposite of limber. As you know, I couldnt bend over and touch my toes. Heck, I couldnt touch my ankles. Anyway, I was not happy with my lack of flexibility and knew that I had to do something.

    I found your group classes to be enjoyable and not at all boring, which is what I dread in any physical fitness program. Your new studio is spacious and serene. The important thing that has amazed me for the entire time Ive practiced with you, is your incredible knowledge of yoga, meditation, the human body, and what I would call partnering for success. The reason I started taking private lessons from you is because it really amazed me how just the slightest change in something as little as how your toes were pointed made a huge difference in how a pose would feel. With your one-on-one help I get the most out of every session.

    There are two important skills I have been able to acquire from practicing with you. For quite some time now I have been able to not only bend over and touch my toes, but I can place my hands flat on the floor. Hey, its a big deal to me. The other skill I have acquired (and hope to advance) is the ability to relax when I want. The meditation classes you offer, combined with the breathing exercises inherent in all your teachings readily translate positively into my stressful daily life. I cant tell you how nice it is to be able to consciously relax when I need to and touch my toes when I want to.

    Claudine, I truly appreciate your sharing your expertise with me. I look forward to continuing to grow stronger and more flexible, with you and Living Yoga, in the future.

    Mark Blau
  • I decided to do yoga and essential oils so that I could learn to relax a little more and enjoy some "me" time. I have found that yoga helps me to take my mind off of things (let go when I need to let go) as well as help me to get more flexible. I prefer starting out with a yoga style that is gentle in nature until I can get up to speed and Katie's classes help me to feel relaxed and confident!

  • Taking Katie's Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils class has become my favorite find and I have shared it with many of my friends who also love it.  The classes are the perfect blend of relaxing poses infused with meditation and soothing oils.  The perfect gift to yourself.  I go home feeling so relaxed in both body and mind, renewed for another day. 

    Jill Teller
  • I started practicing yoga about 6 months ago as a way to balance my high impact cardio work outs and hopefully prevent injuries.  I also wanted to work on my flexibility.  I had tried some different types of yoga and classes but I hadn't found one that I felt comfortable yet.  From my first class, I felt so comfortable at Living Yoga. I started attending classes on a regular basis and now it is a huge part of my life.

    Although I enjoy all of the classes that I attend at Living Yoga, I am really enjoying Karin's teaching.  Her practice is a wonderful balance of relaxation, poses and inspiration.  Karin is an extremely positive person who brings fun to yoga practice.  Karin always has little tips and tricks to help me understand exactly the pose that I need to be in.  She has really helped me to develop my yoga practice.

    I started yoga to improve my physical body but yoga has done so much more for me than I ever expected.  It has really helped me find balance in my life and relieves stress.  These benefits have carried into my professional life and my relationships with others.  I am lucky to have discovered yoga. 

    Kara Reckrey
  • I enjoy Sandra's teaching style because there is no judgment, but reassurance that where I am in my yoga practice is good. I started taking yoga classes to improve flexibility, gain balance, and reduce chronic pain. Since beginning yoga practice I feel stronger, more centered, and calmer. I am starting to think of yoga as a lifestyle choice.

    Ric and Melody
  • It is amazing how good yoga makes me feel. It takes me to a state of relaxation that I do not get from regular exercise and it does so much more. Since I began yoga three months ago, my body is more toned, I have more strength, and it is amazing how much flexibility I have gained.  Mary F. is an amazing instructor. Everything she does is so right. She explains things well, pushes without stressing, and takes all of us to places through yoga we have never been before. When class is over, you feel worked out, yet so relaxed. Who could ask for more!

  • When I entered Living Yoga one year ago, I was looking for physical and mental balance to counter the aging process and the stress of owning and managing my own business. I have found that and more at Living Yoga. While the group classes are an efficient and economical way to reinforce your yoga practice, it is my private lessons with Claudine that have opened new doors of balance, strength and peace. Namaste.

    Jim Meyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I begin taking classes at Living Yoga?
A. You may drop-in to any one of the ongoing weekly classes/times on the schedule. No registration is required. Remember your first class is just $10!

Q. How do I sign up for an event?
A. Please call 630-605-3825 or e-mail us at to reserve your space for an event or special workshop.

Q. What do I wear to yoga?
A. Wear something that is comfortable and that you can move freely in. In general, most people wear stretchy workout pants or shorts and a t-shirt or snugger fitting top that stays in place when they move. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

Q. What do I need to bring to class?
A. The studio provides all equipment needed for class. However, we do recommend bringing your own mat. No worries though if you forget it, we have plenty for you to use.

Q. Is your room heated?
A. No our rooms are not heated. The room is set to a comfortable 74-78 degrees in the summer and 70-75 degrees in the winter.

Q. Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?
A. No flexibility required. Many people that begin taking yoga do so because they feel tightness in the body. The yoga asanas (postures or poses) and a consistent practice will help your flexibility and increase your range of motion. The practice as a whole, with breath work, postures and meditation will all help to de-stress, open, and strengthen the body.

Q. I’m a beginner can I do an All Levels class?
A. Yes you can because the practice is about individual development. Please let the instructor know prior to class that this is your first time. The instructor in an all levels class will provide modifications or variations to many of the poses to accommodate the different levels of experience. We do however, highly recommend trying either a Gentle Yoga practice or a class labeled Level 1 if it's your first time. Level 1 classes provide a good foundation for All Levels and Level 2 practices that over time you can work towards. Several times throughout the year we offer a Yoga Fundamentals 6-week series. This is an excellent way to build your foundation of yoga poses.

Q. How often should I practice yoga?
A. A beginning student will benefit from attending two classes a week as often times after a week has passed students feel like they are starting all over again each week. As you progress we recommend 3-4'xs a week. The benefits of a yoga practice truly increase with more time on the mat. Your body will definetly feel the difference if you miss your weekly practice. You'll find soon enough your body will also thank you for the time and energy you put into taking care of it!

Q. At the end of the class the teacher says Namaste. What does that mean?
A. Namaste is a Sanskrit term meaning – The Goodness (the divine, the light) in me, acknowledges the same Divine Goodness that lives within you.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the studio. We look forward to seeing you!