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Tuesdays April 8, 15, 22 & 29
8:30 PM - 9:15 PM

Inspired Meditation Practice with Sandra Coyner

Join Sandra Coyner, E-RYT Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher, for some "you-time" in this very peaceful series of meditation. Learn how to be comfortable in meditation as well as how to deal with the thoughts that tumble through your mind. Various meditation techniques will be briefly covered to find the method that works best for you and allow us quiet time to raise the energy in the room! All classes will end with essential oils and a guided meditation. Come and experience peace.

Cost: Pre-register by April 3, $60 for all 4 sessions or $20 drop-in

Saturday April 12
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Gong Bath with Marian Kraus

Join Marian Kraus for a healing gong and singing bowl meditation. The sonic, vibrational and mystical characteristics of his large gongs and Himalayan singing bowls will energize and quiet the mind & body simultaneously.

The Gong is one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. The Gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and as a facilitator to break up emotional blockages.

Participants relax and soak in the sound vibration as the gongs resonate all cells of the body. The healing, meditative, spiritual and transformational experience is a psycho-acoustic gateway to raise an individuals’ vibratory frequency and to reach higher states of awareness. The instruments facilitate a change in one’s nature of being and potentially restore an intrinsic state of inner balance.

Gongs embody the universal sound and basic chordal structure of the eternal OM, and during this sound bath, you will experience gongs being played in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion.

Experience this powerful entry point for shifting and heightening your consciousness.

Marian gives a brief description and history of the gong and the intention that drives his sound immersions at each of his performances. This event is geared toward giving the participants a chance to meditate with the instruments providing an energetic and relaxing sonic back drop. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and blanket to cover up. There will be no yoga class.

Experience sound therapy healing at its finest and join the growing number of people who enjoy having very unique and remarkable experiences during Marian’s performances.

Cost: Pre-register and paid by April 7 $20/$30 thereafter

Saturday April 19
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Refine and Align Your Practice with Claudine Beeson

Need a refresher? Has it been years since your last yoga class? Only done yoga DVDs but never attended an actual class? Needing are view on the fundamentals of yoga? Have you ever asked yourself during a class Am I doing this right?

If you answered YES to any of the above than this workshop is for you!

In this workshop style class we will deconstruct many of the more common yoga postures and from the ground up, realign the body correctly in each pose. Discover techniques to more easily transition from one pose to another in a vinyasa practice and learn to incorporate the breath into the posture.

Come with yoga poses that you might be struggling with or that you want to learn more about. We'll end as all good things should, in a nice long savasana as you transition into your weekend.

No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Cost: Pre-register and paid by April 14 $25/$35 thereafter

Saturday April 26
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Girl’s Night Out at Living Yoga - Painting and Meditation (BYOB) with Claudine Beeson and Artist Janet Long

Join us for an evening of painting and meditation right here at Living Yoga.

Art, wine, food, and friends!

Enjoy a half hour of meditation guided by Claudine, and then unleash your inner artist with a step-by-step instruction through the Zen inspired painting of the evening. This piece has been custom designed for Living Yoga by Janet Long. We will each work on the same piece and you will be able to take your artwork home with you.

All materials will be provided: canvas, paints, brushes, easels and aprons. No previous art experience necessary.

Living Yoga will have light appetizers. Bring a drink of your choice (BYOB). Dress comfortably. We will have tarp down on the floor to paint and create!

Please pre-register so we have enough materials and appetizers for everyone.

Cost: Pre-register and paid by April 21 $50/$55 thereafter

Sunday April 27
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Forward Folding Poses with Felicia Schmid

Forward Folding Poses invite us to draw our senses inward. Forward Folding poses pacify stress, anxiety and fatigue. The abdominal organs are massaged and digestion is enhanced. The liver, kidneys, reproductive and urinary systems are stimulated. The nervous system and emotions are soothed.

This will be an active, alignment-based practice. The back will be extended and lengthened to create space between the connection of where the lower body and upper body meet. Cues will be given and variations offered to help you deepen your ‘fold’ and to help you challenge the mental chatter from fleeing from the Pose and accepting the desire to settle into the pose. A skillfully designed sequence will be taught that may include breathwork (pranayama), energy seals (mudra) and energy locks (bandha) to bring about balance through use of physical postures (asana) and practice (Hatha Yoga).

"Yoga can become quite personal.  As you open the layers of the body that are blocked or constricted where heaviness & darkness lie, vulnerability comes to the surface.  Ask yourself, ‘How can ’I’ get through this without fleeing?  How can ‘I’ create lightness and ease in discomfort?’  Yoga has taught me to not run and to breathe in a moment of vulnerability or tightness so that freedom, clarity and acceptance can come.  My job as a teacher is to help plant the seed that the student will continue to water so that all their beauty will blossom, grow and shine."

Felicia Schmid, 500 E-RYT, CAP is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the Advanced Level through Yoga Alliance, a Registered Integrative Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA). She has been passionately teaching since 2002 and has been a Student of Yoga since 1998. Learn more at

Come with an Open Mind, Leave with a Refreshed Spirit! 
A playful attitude is a pre-requisite!
**This workshop can be applied towards 2.5 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs**

Cost: Pre-register and paid by April 20 $35/$45 thereafter

Event Policy

To register for an event, please call or email to reserve your space. Events subject to cancellation if sign-ups do not meet minimum number of required attendees. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend a workshop you have pre-registered for to receive a full refund.